Popular Myths About CBD


As I’ve been roaming around the internet, I’ve come across some very interesting false information that people are spreading around like they’re the cannabidiol guru, and it pains me that people could go around for their entire lives spreading false information about this spectacular cannabinoid. In this article, I’ll be highlighting and debunking the top myths that I see.

Myth #1

Question: Hemp CBD is different than medicinal cannabis CBD.

Answer: False. Cannabidiol is the same molecule no matter where it comes from. If it originates from yeast, hemp, cannabis, or another plant, then the only thing that’s different is the chemical compounds in the plant source.

Myth #2

Question: I can overdose on CBD.

Answer: False. There have been no documented reports of people overdosing on CBD. In fact, if you consume an unfamiliarly large dose, you may get sleepy.

Myth #3

Question: CBD Is Illegal

Answer: True. Technically, cannabidiol is classified as a schedule 1 drug. However, it’s probably the most loosely regulated substance on the chart because the other schedule 1 drugs are actually harmful and can cause long term damage to the psyche and body.


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