CBD Shatter – 3 Things You Must Avoid?


CBD Shatter is the fastest way to get a high amount of cannabidiol in your blood stream. The newest wave of shatter coming out onto the market has terpenes infused into the concentrate, creating a tasty experience for all dabbers. However, there are a number of things that you’ll want to take note of when selecting your CBD wax.



Typically, the clearer the shatter, the more pure it is. If you can hold your CBD concentrate up to a bright light and can’t see any transparency, chances are there is unwanted contamination that happened during the extraction process. The Journal of Toxicological Sciences tested 57 concentrate samples, and 80% of them tested positive with contamination.

Butane Extractions

Butane is one of the most dangerous methods of creating CBD extracts. One spark near enough to the butane gas and the whole facility explodes into flames. Butane gas is known for getting trapped inside of the extraction, only to be released upon consumption. Drugs.ie states that confusion, hallucinations, blackouts, and chronic headaches may occur as immediate and long term side effects. It’s our best bet to avoid these extracts and choose something more health conscious.

Top CBD Shatters For Sale

There’s a company who produces shatters with virtually unlimited combinations of terpenes, ranging from grape, mango, watermelon, and other flavors. Follow the link to find the best selection of CBD shatters for sale.


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