CBD Salves – How to find the most pain relieving balm?


A Simple Guide To Select The Correct CBD Salve for pain relief.

Pain threshold. How much pain do you have?

If you have a severe laceration, and you’re losing large amounts of blood, CBD salves and balms are not a good option for you, and we recommend that you visit a medical professional immediately. Now keep reading and you’ll have a better idea about cannabidiol balms.

Cannabidiol (CBD) is a molecule extracted from cannabis plants. Although the pain and anxiety applications of CBD have been thouroughly documented in many research studies, people often fail to receive the true benefits of this extract.

Improper Serving size – When people purchase a cbd salve, they could be getting 50mg in each container, but to get a large enough concentration of CBD, you may have to dump the entire salve onto your skin to ease the pain.

The skin will generally absorb the cannabidiol at a steady rate, regardless of the amount of milligrams applied. However, if the pain does not ease after applying topically to the sore area, then increase the amount of CBD you put on your skin.

Pain Treatment Vs. Luxury

If you are looking for CBD Salves specifically for pain treatment,then we recommend going with a small container instead of a large container. Small containers will have less additives, and more cannabinoids for each scoop that you take. You’ll be able to apply less balm and have the same effect as a large container.

Apply balm topically to sore area, depending on the size of the effected area.

Now we’ve reserved a catagory called ‘luxury CBD balm’ simply because these are the products that have minimal amounts of cannabidiol and large amounts of other additives. We would not recommend using these for pain, because of the amount of product that you’ll have to apply to your skin to feel pain relief.


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