CBD Bathbombs – A new creation


These CBD Bathbombs  are a unique creation, designed to give people a relaxing bath and nourish the skin with cannabidiol, a powerful antioxidant extracted from the hemp plant.

They’re a great idea for people who love bathbombs who want their entire body to receive the benefits of Cannabidiol.

Directions: Run a bath of water, and for best results, insert the bath bomb into the water.

30 MG Of CBD Inside.

Ingredients: Magnesium Sulfate, Baking Soda, Citric Acid, Corn Starch, Coconut Oil, Essential Oils

Cannabigerol CBG – Hidden Mysteries Revealed


We went through many scientific studies and pulled out enough information from validated sources to provide you with enough information to understand how cannabigerol effects the human body.

This non psychotropic cannabinoid is only found in trace amounts within most cannabis and hemp plants currently. CBG is highly sought after for it’s sleep stimulating properties. There has been no documented cases of overdose from cannabigerol.

This scientific study has found that there is strong evidence that CBG is an alpha2-adrencoceptor agonist Alpha 2 receptors inhibit sympathetic activity . Now, the sympethetic nervous system in the body, by nature performs three basic tasks; accelerates the heart rate, constrict blood vessels, and raise blood pressure.

We can probably now assume the conclusion that viagra and cannabigerol should not be taken in the same because they seem to be polar opposites.

There is a high probability that Cannabigerol may be a healthy alternative to man-made pharmaceutical sleep drugs, but hey, try it for yourself. It may be a great fit for you.

Like I said before, this cannabinoid is very rare at the moment in the marketplace, and retailers run out of stock extremely quickly because there isn’t enough of this stuff being produced to satisfy marketplace demand.

It took months to track down the right people with the correct skillset to produce Cannabigerol, but with your permission I would like to offer you a great deal – Coming soon!


CBD Salves – How to find the most pain relieving balm?


A Simple Guide To Select The Correct CBD Salve for pain relief.

Pain threshold. How much pain do you have?

If you have a severe laceration, and you’re losing large amounts of blood, CBD salves and balms are not a good option for you, and we recommend that you visit a medical professional immediately. Now keep reading and you’ll have a better idea about cannabidiol balms.

Cannabidiol (CBD) is a molecule extracted from cannabis plants. Although the pain and anxiety applications of CBD have been thouroughly documented in many research studies, people often fail to receive the true benefits of this extract.

Improper Serving size – When people purchase a cbd salve, they could be getting 50mg in each container, but to get a large enough concentration of CBD, you may have to dump the entire salve onto your skin to ease the pain.

The skin will generally absorb the cannabidiol at a steady rate, regardless of the amount of milligrams applied. However, if the pain does not ease after applying topically to the sore area, then increase the amount of CBD you put on your skin.

Pain Treatment Vs. Luxury

If you are looking for CBD Salves specifically for pain treatment,then we recommend going with a small container instead of a large container. Small containers will have less additives, and more cannabinoids for each scoop that you take. You’ll be able to apply less balm and have the same effect as a large container.

Apply balm topically to sore area, depending on the size of the effected area.

Now we’ve reserved a catagory called ‘luxury CBD balm’ simply because these are the products that have minimal amounts of cannabidiol and large amounts of other additives. We would not recommend using these for pain, because of the amount of product that you’ll have to apply to your skin to feel pain relief.


Read this before buying CBD lotion.


Before Purchasing any kind of skin creme with cannabidiol inside, you need to look at this 3 critical factors

#1 – Which company is providing the CBD?

Typically businesses will buy their cannabinoids from a wholesale supplier to mix into their skin care products before releasing their inventory onto the market. CBD is not water soluble by nature, which means there could be separation occuring over time in the lotion, and all the cannabidiol will sink the the bottom. Luckily, Folium Biosciences has created a water soluble cbd formulation that eliminated the separation happening in skin care lines that use their phytocannabinoid rich hemp oils.

#2 – Is There Enough CBD In Your Product?

First off, if the company you’re looking at doesn’t tell you exactly how much CBD is in your product, then save your money and don’t purchase it. Find another company who is more transparent about their products, you’ll be happy you did.

Second, if you’re looking for more of this cannabinoid in every scoop, then you’ll want to take note of two things; the amount of CBD, and the total ml. of lotion. Now for example’s sake, if the container has 150ml of lotion and 100mg of Cannabidiol, then you’re getting miniscule amounts compared to some brands.

#3 – Is CBD Lotion Really Effective?

Yes and no. Antiinflammatory, antiproliferative, pain relief, and acne treatment have been well documented by professional scientists over the years, so I can’t just foo-foo their studies away as if they are false. If Cannabidiol can help in these cases without producing documented harmful side effects, then they could be a healthy alternative to prescription medication. Due to the anxiety and insomnia studies that have been conducted, it may be a beneficial cannabinoid to use to calm the anxiety caused by PTSD, especially for people who have been effected by Hurricane Irma, the Las Vegas shooting, or if you are a veteran.

What About The Other Cannabinoids?

CBC, CBG, CBN, CBL, and the other 100+ cannabinoids all have their own unique characteristics, especially when absorbed into the body. Most of them do not contain psychoactive properties, you will not get “high.” These compounds interact with the endocannabinoid system in our bodies. Long story short, if the brand you’re using is putting CBD Isolate in their products, then they’re extracting out virtually every other cannabinoid that could be benefiting your body.



  • Packed with 750mg of CBD
  • Full Spectrum (Minus THC) Hemp Oil
  • A powerful, natural pain relieving cream
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