Native American Nations Are Moving Quickly To Legalize Hemp Production


Many years have passed since the first negotiations began for the purpose of utilizing Navajo Nation’s farmland for growing industrial hemp.

Hemp Fields in Colorado
Source: Folium Biosciences

July 18, 1996

As the industrial hemp industry continues to gain momentum, several native American tribes are beginning to grow industrial hemp on a commercial level. Jim Robinson, project director for the Wide Ruins Chapter, Ariz stated that there was no reason to be concerned about the DEA interfering with the grow.

“We’re not growing drugs,” Jim says.

We believe that he’s correct, and according to the Colorado Department of Agriculture, industrial hemp contains less than (.3%) THC on a dry weight basis. The purpose for producing hemp is to use the fiber and naturally occurring cannabinoids that aren’t

Released on October 26, 2015

DEA raids Menominee Indian tribe’s Wisconsin reservation and eradicated 30,000 cannabis plants.



October 24, 2016

Anthony Rivera, CEO of CannaNative, says that he believes that the cannabis industry will surpass the gaming industry

The Navajo Nation Health, Education, and Human Services Committee votes 4-0 to amend 12 N.N.C. § 308 (D) which will rule ‘not unlawful’ for any business defined in the code to cultivate cannabis sativa for economical, industrial, or scientific purposes.