CBD Oil Cures Dog’s Epileptic Seizure


Now one of our main goals here while we’re blogging, is to share the over-whelming amount of evidence that exists already, pointing to the true medicinal value of cannabidiol. This video clearly shows that it can stop a dog’s epileptic seizure.


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How Does CBD Treat Anxiety?


Anxiety is the state of being reactive to certain environments including stressful environments. It’s interesting that some people react to the smallest to the largest activity they’re involved with. Whether it’s driving a car by themselves or being in a room full of people. These cause them to have many anxiety disorders as there are many different people influenced by negative situations. The conditions within their body emanate feelings of fear and others. There are medications people take for anxiety, though it may not be the best for them. Synthetic medication often accompanies another set of symptoms within the patient who takes them. As you can see, anxiety is a serious condition that we all need to address.

In addition, cannabidiol (CBD) is a complex component of the cannabis plant that strikes a connection to the human body. This component complements our endocannabinoid system (ECS) that’s within us all, even you. The endocannabinoid system contains the  CB1 and CB2 receptors. CB1 in particular influences individuals with anxiety in a positive way that no other synthetic medication can. It’s true, CBD has minimal effects on the body, however, it’s positive effects far outweigh them and synthetic medication.  We’ll let you be the judge as we review these important points of understanding anxiety, how CBD comes into play, and are you worried about CBD containing side effects?

Understanding Anxiety from All Sides Of The Same Coin


Anxiety is a person reacting to their environment they dislike, very intensely. A research report, “Anxiety Disorders”, by the NIMH, identifies individuals with physical symptoms including a racing heart and shakiness. It also explains their fear may cause those physical symptoms. It also explains why they aren’t able to control themselves during an episode. They allow the emotions to take over which activates their body to react. There are a few types of anxiety disorders that contribute to many different episodes. These disorders are:


  • Panic Disorder – The symptoms accompanied by this disorder are recurrent panic attacks, intense fear, pounding heart, sweating, shortness of breath, smothering, and feeling of dying.


  • Social Anxiety Disorder – The symptoms within this are fears of social environments, being humiliated, rejected, embarrassed or of hurting another person.


  • Generalized Anxiety Disorder – The symptoms accompanying this are worrying for months at a time, restlessness, fatigue, irritability, and sleep problems.


Anxiety is a condition that individuals have trouble coping with. Medications from different pharmaceutical sources don’t often help as much. Although there is one natural organic medication that does work which is CBD.

How CBD Comes Into Play? 


Cannabidiol (CBD) helps many illnesses ranging from arthritis, inflammation to high blood pressure. One of those includes anxiety. Unlike other medications, cannabidiol soothes the emotional mess inside an anxiety victim. The individual who has anxiety also has an endocannabinoid system. The ECS within you composes of the CB1 and the CB2 receptor. These receptors are responsible for interacting with the cannabinoid elements in the cannabis plant. Each cannabinoid has different types and one of them is cannabidiol or CBD. One research report, “Cannabidiol As a Potential Treatment for Anxiety Disorders” by Esther Blessing, Maria Steenkamp, Jorge Manzanares, and Charles Marmar, mentions these receptors can regulate fear and anxiety-related behaviors. They also make the two connections that the CB1 receptor does all the work to help individuals soothe their anxiety. Understanding this, you know CBD not only soothes anxiety, but it also goes back to homeostasis.

Are You Worried About CBD Containing Side Effects?

As with all other medications, you might want to know the side effects of cannabidiol or CBD. Though there are those who may suggest cannabidiol or CBD has side effects such as drowsiness, dizziness, fatigue, and nausea. The accurate research implies that CBD has very minimal side effects if any at all. The NCBI wrote a report, “Safety and Side Effects of Cannabidiol, A Cannabis Sativa Constituent”,  about CBD being non-toxic in non-transformed cells. It also suggests that CBD does not induce changes in food intake, does not induce catalepsy, and it doesn’t affect heart rate, blood pressure, and body temperature. Moreover, it doesn’t affect gastrointestinal, as some pharmaceutical companies might suggest. CBD also doesn’t affect psychological functions. It then it goes on to imply that humans can take up to 1,500 mg/day of CBD because humans are able to tolerate this.

However, there are still some small side effects that are on record such as alterations of in vitro cells, possibly decreased fertilization and decreased activities of the glycoprotein.Though these side effects are still questionable since researchers are still studying this marvelous natural organic medication. Why just one decade ago they said cigarettes were good for you. Now they’re saying they can cause you cancer. We still don’t know much about CBD, but we do know it’s apart of nature, and nature is apart of who we are. There’s a BIG correlation between these two.

All in all cannabidiol (CBD) helps anxiety in many ways that you may think it impossible. Anxiety is in many people and some might find it hard to go about their daily lives in public. If these lives are apart of CBD so they can live a happier and more fulfilled life then why not take a chance?




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