What are the benefits of cannabidiol (CBD)?



You’ll learn at least 14 things of CBD by the end of this article if you read the case studies that we link to.

We’ve had over 15 years to study cannabidiol. It’s surprising that non psychoactive cannabinoids havent hasn’t legalized around the globe. We believe that if we spread the word about this information, then the entire world will eventually benefit from CBD and other cannabinoids.

Keep reading, and we’ll be listing common questions about CBD, and the scientifically documented evidence that may be the answer to your questions.

  • Does cannabidiol reduce nausea?
  • Does cannabidiol reduce vomiting?

Scientists studied question 1 and 2 using rats as their test subject. CBDA was administered to rats who were induced with lithium chloride to induce vomiting. The results were anything but surprising – both motion and toxin induced vomiting were reduced.

  • Does cannabidiol reduce anxiety?

Reactions with several receptors that are known to influence anxiety and fear have been documented on several occasions.

  1. The CB1 receptor
  2. Serotonin 5-HT receptor
  3. TrpV1 receptor

For anyone wanting to dig into this specific study, click this link.

  • Does cannabidiol reduce contractions in the small intestines?

If you read this you will probably learn that it has the potential to. Cannabidiol reduces intestinal inflammation.



More information to come!

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